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In London, where every corner tells stories of the city’s ever-so-busy social scene, creating inviting spaces inside your home takes a whole new significance. Amidst the noisy streets, it’s important to have a cozy, secluded area in your home where you can host your loved ones and create lifelong memories with them.

From assessing your decking space to choosing the right materials for the rainy British weather, this blog aims to cover all the details about decorating your outdoor space. If you’re looking for a decking company in London to help you decorate your home, London Decking will assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right materials to customizing your deck. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some creative ideas and the intricacies of decking design, helping you make the right decisions for your outdoor space. Whether you’re an experienced host or just getting started, stay with us to uncover the secrets of hosting in the dynamic city of London.

Understanding Your Space

The first thing you must do before choosing the design and materials is to assess your space correctly. Measure the dimensions of your outdoor area to precisely determine the available area for decking. Don’t forget to pay attention to the shapes and irregularities of the entire space, as you might need to come up with creative ways to maximize every inch of the limited area. 

Always take note of the neighboring buildings, along with the surrounding views and natural elements, as your environment will give you lots of hints when choosing the design. Trees and water elements around your home will give you an advantage and make it easier for you to seamlessly blend your decking with the outside world.

Designing The Deck

Now that you have evaluated your outdoor space and its shape and size, it’s time to move on to the specific design ideas that will ultimately determine how aesthetically pleasing and functional your decking is. From selecting the right materials to different ways of personalizing the space, London Decking will help you every step of the way.  


In London’s ever-changing weather, it’s important to choose materials that can withstand various weather conditions, including rain and humidity. Traditional wooden decking might develop mold and rot over time, that’s why composite decking will surely be your best friend if you’re trying to install a decking in London. Not only is composite decking much stronger, but it’s also sustainable and lasts for a longer period of time compared to natural timber. 


Add a touch of magic to your decking by creating an atmosphere that will make your gathering even more cozy and inviting. Lighting can be a powerful tool for setting the mood, so incorporating a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting can completely transform the whole area. You can also always manipulate the ambiance with background music, installing speakers and choosing either energetic or mellow sounds to match the vibe of your party.

Various soft furnishings like outdoor rugs and cushions will surely make your deck feel even more inviting and comfortable to the visitors. It’s important to choose weather-resistant, easy-to-clean materials too, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Personal Touches

The outside decking is just as much a part of your home as the indoors, which is why it’s crucial for it to reflect your personality and sense of style. Here are a couple of creative ideas you can use to personalize your deck, transforming it into a space you can call truly unique:

  • Customized furniture: Cushions with custom fabrics, handpainted tables or even DIY tabletops not only show your creativity, but also your unique taste.
  • Artwork: Consider decorating the walls of your outdoor area with your favorite works of art resonating with your interests and aesthetics. Different paintings and sculptures will tell interesting stories to your visitors, evoking a sense of individuality and style.
  • Signature plants: Certain plants might hold a larger space in your heart than others because of their pleasant scent or personal meanings. Consider adding such plants to our outside area, incorporating natural elements and creating a greener, more inviting space.

Maintenance Tips

Firstly, you must always inspect the deck for any signs of damage, such as rotting, loose boards, or protruding nails. However, even if there are absolutely no such signs, you still must regularly clean the deck and remove any dirt, debris, or stains. Wash the surface with soap and water or a mild detergent with the help of a soft brush to avoid scratching or staining.

Sealing and staining are an extremely important part of maintenance. They protect the deck’s surface, increasing its durability and weather resistance. To maximize the protection, it’s crucial to choose a suitable product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions step-by-step. 

In Conclusion

Your decking is not just an outdoor space in your house; it’s a part of your home where you host gatherings and spend time with your loved ones, creating cherished memories that will last for life. That’s exactly why you should think twice before making any decision, whether it’s about choosing the materials or hanging artwork on the wall.

There are various ways to customize your decking and make it uniquely yours. With the help of London Decking, you will be able to decorate your outdoor space with the highest-quality materials and use our experts’ advice to add a touch of personalization to your gatherings.

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