Timber Decking Installation

Decking that is built to last.

When it comes to decking, the installation process needs to be managed by a skilled professional as we are dealing with a live material that expands and contracts a lot more than any composite materials. The frame of the wooden decking will also play a huge role in the quality and lifespan of the end wood deck install.

Types of timber decking we install

Hardwood Decking

Hardwoods are widely considered to be one of the most attractive decking options possessing rich warm timber hues. Although initially a more expensive option they are highly durable, strong and naturally resilient to insect damage, mould and rot, making them a long term economical choice. We can supply a range of ecologically sourced hardwoods from FSC certified suppliers.

We supply and fit a range of hardwood decking options including IPA, Balau and Iroko decking. All great options, with the choice mainly dependent on the look and feel. Below are a few of the many options we supply and fit on countless projects across London.



Ipe decking, also known as the Rolls Royce of hardwood decking is often used for high end commercial projects where the customer is looking for a luxury finish. The choice of many architecture firms across the UK, IPE decking is durable and built to last.



Yellow Balau decking (pronounced Bal-Ow) is a Malaysian hardwood that is a fine and smooth textured. Is is extremely durable, resilient and has natural resistance to fungi and decay. It is a very low maintenance option and can be easily maintained with minimal effort.



A hardwood decking sustainably sourced from the west coast of Africa, Iroko is a tropical hardwood with a beautiful golden tone. It is extremely durable and works great in areas that will receive high footfall.

Softwood Decking


Softwoods, such as pine, are less expensive than composites and hardwoods, but less durable. Because they are easier to work with they take less time to lay and so fitting costs are lower in addition to the cost savings made on materials. Good quality softwood is often chosen for its bright colour and the fresh feel that it provides, it comes pre-treated for external use and can be stained to you colour choice.

We can supply ecologically sourced softwoods from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. with the colour and lateral type, the texture and pattern can also play a huge role in the general look of the finished project.

Decking Finishes

smooth composite decking boards


Traditionally this is the best practice for laying decking as the grooved side underneath will allow for drainage and airflow below the decking. This is our most popular option and for good reason.

grooved composite decking boards


Athough this is not traditionally the best option for the surface deck due to the lack of airflow beneath the composite decking, this style has become popular over the last few decades and for some it’s the finish of choice understandably.

Benefits of timber decking

  • Beautiful natural aesthetic
  • Living product
  • Wide range of natural colours and patterns

Our Decking Installation Process

Design and Build

We carry out an in depth assessment for each and every project using our experience to offer cost effective advice, with a huge knowledge of all products and manufacturers.

By incorporate creative design elements, you will receive a 100% bespoke service.

The goal is to offer you flexibility and ability to deal with more challenging installs which city locations pose for decking installations, all with a positive approach.

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Case Studies

Here are a few projects we have completed for some of our valued customers across London.







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