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When it comes to installing composite decking, the installation process itself needs to be managed by talented and dedicated professionals even more than usual as composite is an advanced product, and the cost of the raw materials are even greater. We also understand that when installing a new deck, certain factors regarding the make-up on the composite decking mean that specific practices need to be followed that do not always apply to timber deck installation to ensure the perfect finishing touch is achieved. We are dedicated professionals experienced in this industry and this is the difference that sets us apart from the rest and why we are the go-to London decking company for all outdoor spaces.

Composite decking is made from a blend of recycled hardwood and polymer (plastic composite) and is available in a range of prefabricated colours. It is easily laid, highly durable, completely splinter-free (unlike timber decking), weather resistant, and is so low maintenance that it requires no further treatment other than cleaning with soapy water. Ecologically, composite decking is manufactured using wood waste and, in some cases, recycled polymers, which make composite decking a beneficial ecological choice; offcuts can also be recycled. Although composite decking is a higher-end price range option to natural wood, its design allows it to have a longer life span than wood decking in most cases.

Styles of composite decking we install

Composite Decking Colours

We can source composite decking in an extensive range of different colours to appeal to any palette, however, grey, black and natural colour deck boards tend to be our most popular composite products.

composite decking


Grey composite decking is by far the most popular request we get from our clients. The neutral grey tones of the decking boards we source work great in contrast to the vivid green of a lawn or any floral displays.

composite decking


Traditional yet timeless, natural look composite decking effortlessly blends in with the aesthetics of any garden, giving a natural feel to your outdoor space. It also works great for rooftops and penthouse areas where our clients would like to bring a slice of nature into those spaces.

composite decking


Another one of our highly desired colours of decking boards, black composite decking is fast becoming one of our most adopted colours. It is the perfect solution for giving your decking area a modern aesthetic and works great with any furniture or outdoor design.

Composite Decking Finishes

Along with the colour and lateral type, the texture and pattern of your composite deck boards can also play a huge role in the general look of the finished project.

composite decking boards


Traditionally this is the best practice for laying decking as the grooved side underneath will allow for drainage and airflow below the decking. This is the most popular option of installing our decking baords, and for good reason.

composite decking boards


Athough this is not traditionally the best option for the surface deck due to the lack of airflow beneath the composite decking, this style has become popular over the last few decades and for some it’s the finish of choice understandably.


Enhanced Grain & Brushed

When customers are looking for a natural looking finish that tastefully mimics the aesthetic feel of natural timber, we have a large range of options (primarily Millboard and Trex products) that can fool even the most trained eye upon close inspection, with realistic wood grain and brushed wood patterns.

Composite Decking Brands We Install

First-class composite deck installers are hard to come by. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and all of our installers have years of experience under their belts. Our select group of dedicated professionals experienced in the art of deck installation are not simply given installation training and send them out on jobs.

We pride ourselves on being the premier London decking company, and as such, it’s imperative that we ensure that the quality of the products we use for our clients matches the quality of our workmanship, which is why we only use a select group of the best quality composite deck boards available on the market.

millboard decking installers

Millboard Decking

Millboard decking is considered to be one of the top manufacturers of composite decking in the UK, with a large range of colours, textures and invisible fittings available, it is the most desirable and advanced product that we supply and fit for our customers. This is our most premium product is highly suited to the residential market where the highest quality finish and real wood feel is desired. if you’re looking for composite decking that can mimic a range of timber types, then this is the perfect choice!

trex decking installers

Trex Decking

Trex products are our recommended solution for commercial, semi commercial and rental property usage. Trex products have a durable, hard wearing design that offers a cost effective solution that is hard wearing for many years. Trex decking boards are versatile and work well for any areas that are expected to be put through their paces with lots of footfall. Trex products range offer a perfect mix of huge selections, including a more classic range, which our customers also love.

designboard decking installers

DesignBoard Decking

Designboard composite decking boards are low maintenance and good quality products that is suitable for residential usage, with a wide range of colours and patterns, along with slip resistant options. This tends to be a popular choice for those moving on from timber decking.

Benefits of
composite decking boards

  • Easily maintained
  • Engineered to be longer lasting
  • Weather resistance
  • Colour does not fade
  • Anti-slip
  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Environment friendly
  • Sustainable product
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily cleans with soapy water
  • Lifetime transformation of outside space
  • Boards are non-permeable so no worry about stains
  • No splinters make it ideal family option
  • No need for sealing
  • No worry of rot
  • Colours will not fade
  • Boards will not warp or crack
  • Mildew easy to clean off
  • Many of the brands we supply offer a guarantee
  • More choice than timber

Our Composite Decking Installation Process

Design and Build

We carry out a complete in-depth assessment of the outdoor space for each and every decking project we install, using our experience to offer cost-effective advice, with a huge knowledge of all products and manufacturers.

By incorporate creative design elements, you will receive a 100% bespoke service and ensuring that your decking ideas come to life effectively with minimal hassle.

The goal is to offer you flexibility and ability to deal with more challenging installs which city locations pose for exterior decking installations, all with a positive approach. Click below for more information on our installation process.


Case Studies

Here are a few composite decking installations our team of talented and dedicated professionals has completed for some of our valued clients across London, helping to bring their decking ideas to life in their outdoor spaces. If you would like advice on a similar project simply get in touch.

Whetstone Garden
Decking Project


Hampstead Garden
Decking Project


Highgate Garden
Decking Project


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